Welcome to my blog

Hi there. I’m Cátia, a professional translator and I love my job. Here, I would like to share some of my views about this fantastic world of linguistics. I’m also the founder of Updated Words,  that started as a team of translators but now it is just myself.

I love writing and I love learning, but I also love to share my knowledge with others. I believe knowledge is our most powerful tool, one that equips us to face everything. It is the best tool we could ever have.

For this blog, I planned a few things …

I want this to be a space of discussion, but most importantly, I want it to be a space to share knowledge, experiences and opinions of course. I will write interesting articles about languages, showing my personal views. As I work with two languages (English and Portuguese), I will write articles about both of these languages, however, all of them will all be written in English.

Feel free to comment and share. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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