Working with direct clients

Working with direct clients can be very rewarding. You not only get in contact with your clients and know them better, but you also know what they do and you feel like you’re a part of the team too. I love working with direct clients. I’ve been working with direct clients since I started and developed a great professional relationship with them.

Because I know them, I am able to understand their needs and provide a much better service. I have their best interest at heart and therefore I am one of them.

There are two types of direct clients: private clients and corporate clients. So it is important to know the differences between them and how to help them the best way we can.

Private clients

Private clients are individuals that may require translation services for all sorts of reasons. It may be an application in a foreign country that requires documents to be translated, a resumé that needs to be translated, reviewed or proofread, a letter for someone they know overseas. Usually, we may only get in contact with them once, for one project, but sometimes they might need more translations and come back because they are happy with the service we provided. I had that happened to me several times. Some private clients may not have further projects for you, but they may recommend your services to someone they know.

Since one of my specialisations is certified translation, I get a lot of private clients. These usually need documents translated for an application to the Portuguese Consulate. Because I know the rules and what is usually required there, I can help them get what they need. It is part of my great customer service.

Corporate clients

Corporate clients have different needs, although they may also have applications to submit and documents to translate. I have worked with a few law firms requiring certified translation and the first project I did for one of my current clients was also the certified translation of documents for an application. However, corporate clients usually need another type of service. For example in my case, I’ve worked with an airline for about 8 years and some travel agencies. I translated brochures and press releases.

To provide the same great customer service, we need to study the company and know their goals and needs, so we can make them ours and go above and beyond to help them achieve them. Showing our expertise will help them trust us and see we are the best fit for the job.

The secret

I think it is not really a secret, it is a basic business principle. To get and keep great direct clients, you need to provide quality, great customer service and expertise. Putting yourself in their shoes and knowing their problems and needs, so you find the best way to help them achieve them. That has been my philosophy for more than 10 years.

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