Working with agencies

Working with agencies can be a great option. Some colleagues may have the wrong perception that working with agencies will not be good, as they will squeeze you. Well, there always be bottom feeders, but there are also good agencies that are happy to pay for quality.

A good option for a shy translator

If you are shy and you are not keen about chasing clients, working with an agency may be a good option for you. They may provide a steady workflow without you having to contact clients directly or chase for the right client. Some agencies specialise in certain fields, so if you are interested in working with an agency, you may search for agencies in your field of specialisation, so you will get projects in your field.

Bottom feeders

It is a fact that there are a lot of bottom feeders out there, but we cannot judge all agencies as bottom feeders. There are very good agencies as well. We just need to research and find good ones.

Usually, bottom feeders don’t care much about quality, they want the translation done in record times and at any hours of the day. It is up to us to choose if we are going to work on such conditions!

The secret

Again, I don’t think it is a secret but rather a good work practice. You should do your research. Just like you would if you wanted to work with direct clients, you should do your research should you wish to work with agencies.

Some agencies may specialise in your field and because they a specialised agency they do want quality and expertise and they know quality comes at a price.

Once you found an agency you would like to work with, contact them, find the name of the person responsible for the projects and contact them. Show your expertise, your rates and why you are a great fit for their needs. Show them your value and they will work with you.

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