Learning with our peers

Learning with our peers is a very important part of our professional development. Even though some may think we are all in competition with each other and will not be willing to help our colleagues, that is not the truth, and certainly have not been my experience in more than 10 years of career.

Where can we meet?

There are several ways of interacting with colleagues. These can be networking events, such as meetings or get-togethers. With the pandemic, a lot of these events had to be online, via platforms like Zoom. It has its negative side, which is the fact that we can’t interact face to face, however, it is very positive, since it’s still a way of getting to know each other and help each other in several aspects of our profession. My experience is that the fact that a lot of these events were moved online, more colleagues could attend and we had more participation. I know I participated in a few events I wouldn’t be able to if they were face to face, so, for me, it was really great.

But we can also interact with our peers through webinars, conferences and other events aimed to provide ideas and training in all sorts of areas of expertise. This is when we truly learn with our peers. In these events, new techniques or strategies are shared to help us all improve and do better for ourselves and our businesses.

The Financial Success for Translators Summit

Sometimes, we may not even be discussing translation, as business people, we need to discuss other aspects of our business, just like marketing, social media or finances. The Financial Success for Translators Summit is a great example of that. Hosted by translator Moira Mooney, it a great event where we can grow as entrepreneurs. I’ve been attending this Summit for two years now and at every Summit I get new ideas on ways to improve the way I run my business or the way I market it to my clients. It helped understand we are all a great community and we are all here to help each other. It also helped me realise I needed to open up more and get out of my comfort zone, something I’ve been struggling with since I’ve started.

So either you need business tips, translation tips or simply meet other colleagues, networking events will be the way to go. You will meet incredible people, you will learn more about your trade and, in the end, you have grown as a translator, as an entrepreneur and as a person!

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