Not teachers, role models

Not teachers, role models in our professional life. This is how I describe a mentor. Some may think that, in this industry, we are all competing against each other and we are not willing to help each other. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we are a huge community of professionals always ready to lend a hand to a colleague in need. Or at least that has been my experience.


Mentors are experienced translators that help other colleagues starting their business. When we start we are full of questions and doubts and a mentor can help, by guiding us and helping us achieve our full potential faster.

But not only colleagues at the beginning of their career can be helped by a mentor. Sometimes, even if you are already an experienced translator, you may still have some doubts, you may want to make changes in your business or set another strategy and another experienced colleague can help you. This happened to me. A few years ago I wanted to make changes and set a new strategy for my business. I am very confident about my work, but I was a little uncertain about marketing strategies, social media and setting a proper marketing plan for myself. I was helped by a fellow colleague, Virginia Katsimpiri, a Greek Certified Translator who has helped thousands of colleagues achieve their goals. As a mentee, I could explain my problems and the goals I wanted to achieve. As a mentor, Virginia could help me understand my strengths and weaknesses and set a plan that would put me on the right path.

Mentoring programmes

Usually, associations have mentoring programmes. For example, AUSIT has its own mentoring programme and twice a year both mentors and mentees can apply. There are some requisites for both mentors and mentees. These can be found on AUSIT’s website. You should always consult your association.

The rewarding feeling of helping someone

In the end, mentors feel happy that their expertise could help another colleague achieve their goals. They help raise standards in the industry and make this community even better.

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