The right source

The right source means great research and well-prepared content. Either you are creating a vlog on YouTube or writing an article for your blog, it is important that you know what you are going to say, and unless it is an opinion article, it is important to research and be well-informed. That will lead you to create great content and that will bring you great results. Your audience will love it.

Compare information

It is important that you compare sources. You may find an article about your subject that presents the information in a certain way, but another page may give it another twist. You need to be objective and most of all, you need to know your subject well to be able to choose the best sources. Don’t settle for the first source and never settle for the second-best.

In the end, you may create something that is the result of several sources, or you may simply realise that one of your sources is the best for what you want and base your content on that information.

It should be the base for the content, not the content itself

Your source’s content may be great, but you are not the author so you can’t copy or write almost the same as your source. The source’s content it’s only the base, the starting point from which you develop your story and create content of your own. This way, you are creating amazing content and also respecting your source and their content as well.

Always name your source

Once you finish, make sure you mention your source and link your content to theirs. This is the ethical way of producing great content and respecting everyone’s rights. It also shows your principles and that your content is well-researched and respects everyone’s rights.

When your audience reads or watches that content they can also see the content from which yours was based, they can also compare and evaluate your skills and work ethics. As per your sources, they may get more viewers and be grateful that you mentioned them and respected their rights.

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