The best client

The best client should be any client. I’m sure we all heard the expression “you’re my best client” at some point in our lives. It is used in all industries and it is an old concept. But what is the best client and is it even correct to use the term? In my view, it isn’t. Because it creates division and it also gives the clients the idea you are playing favourites.

What is the best client?

Supposedly the best client is the one who brings you more revenue. If you sell products, the best client is the one who buys huge quantities; if you provide services, it will be the one who brings you huge projects or contracts. I’m not going to lie, I understand the principle behind it and why it is perceived that way. However, I still don’t agree with it because I believe it is not 100% ethical.

This is why I think it is not ethical. Would you survive on your “best client” alone? I don’t think so. You need all your clients, and all of them deserve the same treatment, because all of them contribute to your success, as well as you contribute to theirs with your hard work.

Customer service

Make all your clients feel special. Because they are. Understand their problems and needs, so you can be better equipped to solve them. Be prompt in your response, be transparent and honest and make them feel you are there for them. You are an expert that can help them achieve their goals and you are ready to start. Build a great working relationship and that is a great return.

I strongly believe in equality for everyone. All my clients are my best clients because they all help me put food on the table and they all bring me amazing projects that I love to work on. I don’t play favourites or do discounts, because I believe it’s not fair. If I decided to do a special package of services or something like that, I would advertise it on my website and social media and the offer would be for everyone.

I’ve seen businesses losing clients because of playing favourites. Especially when you work with small communities where everyone knows each other. If you sell a product or service for $50 to a person and another you sell the exact same product or service for $15, you may think you played smart. But in reality, you may have lost not only one, but multiple clients. The client who paid more, may find out about your discount and feel betrayed. There’s nothing worse than an unsatisfied customer. That unsatisfied customer may tell their friends about your business practices, they can even expose it on your social media pages, and in the end, you got $15 from your “best client” and you lost multiple $50’s from the ones who walked out on you. This is very common with retail businesses, but it can happen to us as well. I think the secret is to treat everyone decently and make them all feel special, they all are our “best clients” either they bring us a drivers licence to translate or a 500-page book.

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