Honesty matters!

Honesty matters! Although some may think otherwise, in this ruthless world where anything goes, being honest and transparent will make you stand out from the crowd.

For decades we lived in a world moved by greed and money. It’s still like that today, but more and more entrepreneurs are starting to see the harm in that and more and more companies are making a change. Because their clients are changing, and the way we do business today is a world apart from what it was only a decade ago.

Clients have more choice

With the evolution brought by the internet, clients and businesses are no longer restricted to a suburb or city. You can do business with the other side of the word. So this means clients have a choice, if their local business doesn’t suit them, they can go elsewhere. That can be one street away or from a different continent, so businesses not only have to care about what happens in their town but also around the world. Their competition is no longer a few meters away, it may be on another continent.

Information is more available

Also due to the internet, information is widely available. This means that companies know what clients are looking for, but, and more importantly, clients know what companies are doing and if what they’re doing doesn’t please them, they go elsewhere.

Clients look for reviews. Before engaging with a company they look for opinions from other people who have worked with that company before. In the same way, they will leave their review, so they help others know about that company. If you have good reviews, you get more clients and more good reviews, if you get bad reviews, you go bankrupt. Then you have social media. There, people can leave comments about their experience with a particular company. Depending on that opinion, it may boost or destroy that company’s reputation.

Honesty will be rewarded

Those old dishonest practices may not get results anymore. Well, as someone who always believed in great working ethics and honesty, and must say I think they never worked, they just took longer to get exposed. Today, it takes seconds for an unhappy customer to tell the world about their experience. So, it takes seconds for bad behaviour to be exposed. Moreover, people start to be more aware of ethics and they value good practices. They value companies that care about the environment, human rights, and of course, they do care about ethics and honesty. So if you are ethical, if you are transparent, I believe you will be rewarded.

It’s simple, treat your clients and your colleagues decently, be honest, be transparent; Have your price list available, so they know what to expect. I know I don’t buy from a shop that doesn’t have the pricing displayed on their products, so I don’t do that to my clients. If we think about others and see things with other people’s eyes, we will make better choices for ourselves and for our business.

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