An entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a curious mind that has a vision of the future and fights hard to get there. I know it may sound a little romantic or glamorous, but there is nothing glamorous about it. Entrepreneurs must be audacious, they must keep their vision in mind and be very determined to get there. That is not an easy task, and you must stay away from the easy choices, because they may bring you not so easy results.

Your vision

Some call us visionaries, others call us dreamers; some admire us, others envy our audacity and achievements. I think it all depends on your vision and how fast you achieve your goals, however, there’s always going to be those who criticise you.

Your vision is your goal, your dream is your finish line. It is like a plant that you water and take care of every day to see it grow healthy and sound. For that to happen you need to be clear in setting your goals, you must be realistic and most of all you must be prepared for criticism or even failure. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we need to fail a couple of times before we get it right. But if we have our vision and we know what we want, we will get there no matter what.

Be audacious, be determined

Being an entrepreneur is making difficult choices. We always need to be one step ahead and be audacious to think outside the box and stand out from the crowd. That’s how we grow. Sometimes, we may choose a path that confuses others, we may not be following the obvious path or we may have chosen the hard way. But that is what an entrepreneur does. We are determined and we know our goals and sometimes the easy way won’t get us there, or not with the results we want. We need to be curious to explore new things and always venture out of our comfort zone, it is not an easy task, but if you want to succeed you need to do it.

Do it ethically

But being audacious or determined does not mean being ruthless and unethical. Well, one chose the path one wants to follow, if that is being ruthless or unethical, so be it, one may find that the result won’t be the expected.

An entrepreneur is a leader, either you work alone or in a team. You must know how to steer the boat. In my view, honesty and ethics are paramount, because if you run your business ethically, you set a standard for yourself that

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