Show your true colours

Show your true colours. A lot of people may think that you can’t show your true self in business because that would damage your brand. Indeed it can, but it all depends on your values and if they are damaging or not. I strongly believe in ethics, transparency and authenticity. These are the type of values that won’t certainly damage your brand.

Authenticity and creativity drive businesses

If you are an entrepreneur working hard every day to run your business, you certainly know that the simples things are the ones that get results these days. Usually, you don’t even have to invest a substantial amount of money in them, they are free for everyone.

Being authentic is one of them. These days everything is “formatted” to a certain style, people tend to say the same things, do the same things because it’s what they think it’s acceptable and will give them more results. Well, it may not be the case at all. Being creative to think outside the box and show who you really are and what you believe in may actually be more productive than any textbook.

People also like creative ideas. If you show them something that is what they need but presented in a different way, you may just hit the jackpot. Because they will recognise your creativity and if your product is great and you are honest about it the reward will come to you in the form of clients.

Natural selection will prevail

In the end, natural selection will prevail and the fittest will survive. Charles Darwin said nature will choose those who are fitter and better equipped to face the challenges of living. I believe it happens the same in business.

But I also believe that the old views that the fittest is the one that uses obscure ruthless business tactics to get on top of everyone else no matter what are no longer the ones that make you the fittest. The internet and social media mean that everyone is connected these days, that is a great marketing tool, but it can also be a very powerful way of exposing bad practices and point out fingers. So, if you are one of those, you may be faced with a group of unsatisfied customers telling horrible stories about you and your business. On the other hand, if you are truthful and authentic, your clients are happy, then your marketing is done. They will talk about you and they will recommend you to others. So this means that your true colours are not damaging after all.

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