Passing on the wisdom

Passing the wisdom to younger generations is a very noble and rewarding way of helping the industry grow and thrive. It helps them reach their full potential faster and avoid errors we may have made when we were in their position. As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe we should encourage and help the young generations because they will be our future. If we empower them today, they will achieve greatness tomorrow.

Being a teacher

I’ve heard once someone saying that when you can’t do it yourself, you become a teacher. I couldn’t disagree more with that statement. Starting with the fact it doesn’t even make sense and ending with the fact that we all learnt somewhere and from someone, and if there were no teachers we wouldn’t be here, the statement comes up as uninformed as tasteless.

In my view, teachers are the pillars of our society. They are the ones who educate our kids to become the highly skilled professionals of the future. Some also say they are very selfless for what they do. I see where they come from with that statement and why they see teachers as selfless people, they are indeed in so many contexts. I think, and analysing my own experience, when we decide to become teachers or mentors we are a little bit selfish too because we want our industry to grow, we want good standards and practices so, we want to train the future generations to keep those standards and practices.

Passing the wisdom

Experience means wisdom. Wisdom does not mean perfection and teachers are not perfect, nor do they know everything. None of us do, we are always learning new things from each other. But when you decide to teach, you want to pass all that wisdom you gathered for years in your career. You made mistakes, we all do, you discover solutions to very complex problems that a younger colleague may be facing as well. Sharing your experience with them means they will spend less time working on that problem because they learnt how to solve it. They can then canalise all their energy reaching their full potential and solving new problems they may one day pass on to future generations, just as we did with them.

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