Creating great content

Creating great content is an art. I think it comes from within. You may learn some techniques that enable you to create content, but the skill must come from you. You need to love writing and communicate with other people, you need to love expressing yourself and your ideas. I know I do.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I love to write and talk about important issues, maybe that is why I chose to be a translator. I spend my days writing and I learn a lot in the process too.

Set your target

Choose a subject. Decide what you want to write about, that way it will be easier to define your audience and set it as your target. For example, for translators, I would say that our main focus should be the clients and the specialisation. So, the blog on our website and our main social media pages should focus on that.

Being creative

You may love writing and even set your target well but if people don’t like what you write, then there’s no point. You need to have them in mind. Think about what they like to read and do it interestingly and creatively. Make sure they keep coming back and they share your content as well.

You need to tell them your story in a light and engaging way, otherwise, they just walk away. Choose your words carefully so they are well received and convey your message just the way you wanted. Be authentic, so your readers can see your core values.

Study your content

Even if you are writing an opinion piece, you need to study your article so you make sure you don’t pass the wrong message. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there, but if you truly love what you do, you won’t want to be guilty of that. So, you need to study all points of view and construct yours in a more balanced and informed way. It not only shows your knowledge but also your great writing skills.

When you are doing an article based on something else you read or watched, there are also a few things you must consider. First, you must always quote your source. Never take ownership of something that is not yours. Even though the piece may be yours, the basis for its content isn’t and you must credit the initial source for that. Then, study all aspects of that subject and build an informative and interesting story. Make it yours, adding your intake and putting your skills to work. In the end you will be proud because you created a great article.

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