Keeping the balance

Keeping the balance is a hard task these days. We all live a “crazy busy” life and we run frantically from one place to another. We have kids, we have jobs, we have family and we need to juggle between them to get things done. But for it to work out we also need to have a balanced life, otherwise, we will get serious repercussions from that.

Working from home makes it easier

Some may think that working from home makes it easier to establish a balance between our working and personal lives. It does in some ways. You take away the long commutes and you can use that time to do something else.

In the last year and a half, I’ve seen that it may not be the case for everyone and some people still struggle to keep the balance.

At first, I saw some struggling to adapt to the new routine. It may seem simple, but if you are used to getting up, get ready and leave, when you suddenly don’t have to leave anymore and the house becomes your home and your office it may get a bit hard to adapt. Some said it looked like they weren’t working because they were at home. But was that true? No! In fact, the majority of people that are now working from home say they work more than they did when they were at the office.

Because they don’t commute, when they finish their breakfast, they just sit at their desk and start working. The same happens in the evening. There’s no long commute home, so they stay and finish some tasks. Another aspect of it is that companies know their employees are home and have all their working tools there, so they may send emails after hours or even set meetings out of their business hours. The flexibility they once hated is now their best friend I guess.

My experience

My experience is that working from home may not be the solution for everyone. Some people may like it others may dread it. I think the secret is discipline and establishing a routine that suits your lifestyle. If you do, it may indeed lead to a more balanced life. You may find that you can use that commute to do other things you like. For example, you can read a book or go for a walk or play with your children.

You must be disciplined. See your home office the same way you see your office away from home. Set your working time and stick to it. In the end, you may just find you got the right formula to keep the balance right.

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