Ambitious women

Ambitious women are usually seen as selfish. Unlike for men, ambition in women is sometimes seen as a negative trait. Women should be mothers and wives and not aspire to be entrepreneurs or work in big corporate. Why not? Being an entrepreneur does not mean being a bad mother. I see it as being a role model instead.

For your mental health

I strongly believe that if you are not confident and happy with yourself you cannot help others. So if you are ambitious and set certain goals for yourself, that means those goals are what move you to get out of bed and start your day. It may not be to be an entrepreneur, everyone is different and everyone’s goals are different. In my opinion, what’s important is to be true to yourself and follow your passions, whatever they might be. You won’t be a good mother if you are not happy. Choose your goals and own your decisions without shame or prejudice.

Being role model

As a mother, I want to pass on my knowledge to my daughter, but I also want to be a role model to her. I want her to grow to be a confident and strong woman. I don’t know what her goals will be, but that doesn’t matter to me, it is not my role to chose her goals or what she wants for her life, but I certainly want her to know that whatever she chooses she will need to fight hard for and she must be ambitious to achieve what she wants.

Empowering other women

But it is also a matter of empowering other women to achieve their goals. It is telling them that whatever their dreams are, they can achieve them. They just need to believe in themselves and being ambitious, yes, ambitious. Ambition is not a bad trait in women, it is as bad as it is on men. It is what makes us high achievers. As human beings we need stimulus, we need passions and goals to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Our ambition is the vehicle that takes us there. So, dare to be ambitious and achieve your goals.

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