Your best article

Your best article is the one that comes from the heart and speaks about your true values. You can follow all the rules and read all the books about copywriting and marketing, but if you write something that is not natural, does not reflect who you are or what you believe in, those rules will be worth nothing because your readers won’t give you their tick of approval.

It is easier to write

I believe writing is an art. Some love it, some don’t. I also believe writing must come naturally, it should flow into your paper and should tell the stories you want to tell. If it doesn’t happen that way, the final product may not be exactly what you expected and the same can be said for the results as well. Truthful content is easy to write. I strongly believe this.

There are a lot of rules to follow in regards to content these days, you need to write about your reader or for your reader, not about yourself, you need to have your content SEO compliant, etc. But you also need to write truthful content otherwise it would be the content equivalent to fast food. It may look good in the photos, but when you open the pack is just plastic.

You can follow rules without creating plastic

But being natural and truthful does not mean we should go rogue and not follow basic principles that will help us get a bigger audience for our content. That is our aim after all.

In my view, you should use those rules and apply them in a way that makes sense to you. You can still write about your clients or what they want to read, or how you can help them, but you can do it naturally in a way that doesn’t look you’re just filling in a template given to you by a marketing guru.

SEO is another thing. We want our pages indexed and people reading our content, but again, if we write to a machine, humans won’t read it right? So what do we do? We balance things. We study our content and its keywords and when we produce the article we insert those words naturally and strategically, so they’re picked up by the machines and accepted by humans.

You get your best article

In the end, you will get a well researched and prepared article, that follows all the rules of marketing, SEO and copywriting, but it also follows the most important rule of them all, your heart. Because if you write with your heart and you tell people who you are, you will attract a lot of people like you, people who share the same values, and therefore are the best people to be around. So your best article will give you the best clients.

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