A little break

A little break. Should translators have a break or they should just simply keep going not to lose clients? Some believe that a translator, usually working as a freelancer, should always be available, so talking about a break is some sort of taboo in the industry. Some believe they have to work nights or weekends and there is no other way of doing business in this industry. I understand why a lot of our colleagues think this way. Although we have a wonderful job, being a translator is not an easy one. From the start of our careers, it’s a struggle, we need clients, we need to survive, we need our place in the market. What if we can have all that, without having to end up in a mental facility?

Healthy working hours

You can’t do a great job if you are not feeling great. We all like to think we have superpowers, but the reality is we are just human beings who do their best to help our clients and put food on the table. But if we are not well, we can’t help our clients the way we wish to and therefore, we won’t be able to put food on the table, because we don’t have clients or the ones we may have are simply exploiting us.

Working healthy hours means working at our peak. For some that may actually mean the night shift. If we have enough rest and have a balanced life, we produce more. This is something that has been confirmed by several healthcare professionals around the world. Stress is our worst enemy. Yes, it is true that is impossible to be an entrepreneur without a certain level of stress, but if you are overwhelmed by it you won’t be able to run a business. So even with stress, we need to be balanced, some it’s ok, too much is not.

A meal and holiday break

And when you are in the middle of that very important project and it comes lunchtime. You don’t want to stop, because you are completely involved with the project that you simply don’t what to cut that flow. What if I tell you that your lunch break may help that flow. Either you work 9 to 5 or any other time, it is important to have a little break for a meal and rest. This is like recharging your batteries. After this break, you will be must better prepared to tackle your project. You will be less prone to errors and you may even find better solutions for certain sentences or paragraphs. It may be just 1 hour, but it will give you another 4 or 5 hours of great productivity.

The same with holidays. Some translators don’t take holidays every year because they are afraid to lose their clients. Once again, an overworked translator won’t do a great job. So having a break is essential to you and your business. Your clients won’t leave you if the quality of your work is good. But they will certainly do if you start delivering low-quality work

For your mental health

In the end, it is good for your mental health. Working without a break will lead to lots of mental health issues such as burnt out syndrome. So, ultimately, if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of your clients and provide them with a great service.

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