Setting up your year

Setting up your year plan is the main pillar for your success. It may seem complicated due to the nature of our work, but if we set goals for ourselves, if we plan our daily work carefully and strategically we will grow as professionals and we will grow our business.

Being organised and setting up tasks and plans helps to keep track of things, but they also make us accountable for our progress. You should establish your plan at the end of each year, so when you start the new one, you already have a guideline for what you want to do.

Be realistic

The most important thing is to set realistic goals.  It looks like I am talking about some new crazy diet, but in fact, if you want to be a successful business person, you need to be realistic with yourself. You need to know yourself well and your abilities. Starting a business is not easy, and many fail within the first three years. So, if you want to stay away from that grim statistics, you need to be very strategic and organised. You need to know what you want to do and set your goals step by step. You won’t reach stardom overnight, so you must know that is a marathon, not a sprint.

Always with your main goal in mind, because it is important you keep focused, plan your path step by step, year by year. Do it in small achievable steps, so it’s easier for you to follow your path and keep yourself motivated.

Be accountable, keep a record

Make a list of your main goals, and keep ticking them off as you achieve them. This not only makes you accountable for your plan, but it also motivates you to keep going, as you see your list becoming smaller.

For the small things, that make the daily running of your business, you should make your annual calendar. I always make my calendar where I plan my activities. This way I maximise my paid working time by reducing the time I spend with internal tasks, like admin and other tasks that allow me to run my business.

This way, I know I’ve got everything under control and that I am on track to achieve my goals.

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