A loyal bunch!

A loyal bunch! That’s what we all are. Last week I wrote about professional solidarity and how we help each other when we need it. Part of that is due to our loyalty to the job and keeping great standards in our sector. This is not a popularity contest and we are not “influencers”. We do it because we are passionate about our job and we want our industry to thrive and succeed.

For the good of our profession

When we help another colleague or get into a mentorship program we are helping that person succeed, but most of all we are helping our industry. If we have been on the job for a while, we have experienced a few things and we surely have made a few mistakes along the way, that is how we grow as professionals. And this applies to all professions not just translators.

Someone starting out does not have that experience, so instead of letting them do it all from scratch and make the same mistakes we’ve made, we can use that experience we have to help them grow and avoid those mistakes we’ve made. They will certainly make other mistakes of their own, which they can also talk about and help us too. This is very beneficial for us as professionals, but also for the profession itself.  If the best standards and practices are passed on from generation to generation it will ensure the quality and ethics of all services providers.

Trust among peers and clients

This also promotes trust among peers. As I mentioned in my last article, some may think we are all competitors and if they choose to embrace this amazing profession, they may not feel confident to talk about their problems with their peers because they may think they won’t help them or have their best interest at heart.

The existence of peer groups, professional associations and mentoring programs will show those colleagues we are all in the same boat and we are all here to help each other because ultimately, we all want the best for our industry. This will help them gain trust in their peers and open up to them.

On the other hand, the fact that great standards are kept and great cooperation among professionals will promote client trust in our job. They will see we are not a rogue bunch fighting each other, but instead a cohesive group of highly qualified professionals working together for the good of their industry.

That is why we are so loyal to our profession, it’s in our Code of Ethics but it’s also in our nature. We are here to help each other, and together we are here to help our industry have the recognition it deserves.

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