The pleasure of teaching

The pleasure of teaching is what moves us to do what we do. I know it is totally against the marketing rules to write about yourself, but today I will tell you my story and the reason I decided to create a course and become a teacher. So this article will be about me, but will also be a lot more about you.

When I started my career

At the beginning of my career, I was rather insecure and shy. Like many other translators, I didn’t know how to start, how to price my services and the worst of it all was that I did not dare to talk to other colleagues, because I was scared they wouldn’t take me seriously. Then the impostor syndrome kicked in, and it kept taking me into a spiral of negativity and mistakes.

I’ve always been organised, and my management skills are great, so I took that and used it to my advantage. I planned and managed my business the best I could, but I know I could have done better if I wasn’t so insecure and shy. Another thing I have noticed was that I didn’t find a lot of help for those starting their businesses, and I always thought about changing it one day, by sharing my experiences.

10 years later

After being in business for more than 10 years, I am now an established translator, I have helped so many clients and the experience of working in the field every day allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I could see what I could have done better and identify my mistakes. That gave me great confidence in myself as a translator and as an entrepreneur.

For the pleasure of teaching

I have always liked helping people. I believe knowledge is our best weapon and I also believe we should all have the same opportunities in life. So, that experience also gave me a great level of confidence to continue my journey and give my next step, teaching. I created a course where I can share my experience and help the new generation of translators start their own businesses.  For me, teaching is about empowering people to achieve their goals. It is being vulnerable to share your weaknesses and mistakes, so your students don’t fall into the same trap. It is empowering them to take control of their business and be the best entrepreneurs they can be, giving them all the tools you created for yourself and sharing your insights with them.

I do it for the pleasure of teaching, for the good of our profession and most of all, I do it for all of you!

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