Mentoring others

Mentoring others is going way beyond teaching.  Although part of the work of a mentor is, in some ways, teaching, their work does not finish there and it is way more than teaching. A mentor is a role model, a teacher and someone who is there to share their experience and secrets, to make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

A role model, not an “influencer”

Social Media is a quite popular avenue for people to be known and advertise their services. It is a very effective and legitimate way of marketing your business and I strongly believe it may even be more effective than some expensive marketing campaigns. Some also use it to become “famous”, they call themselves “influencers”. That is not what a mentor is about.

In my view, when you decide to become a mentor, you don’t do it for fame, you do it for your industry and your colleagues. Being a mentor is hard work and you need to be prepared to answer questions and guide the other person to the best practice. It isn’t a popularity contest, it is rather a journey.

Sharing your secrets

If you want to be a mentor, you must be prepared to share your secrets, and I know some may think we have this magical formula that we apply and we start getting thousands of clients and success. Well, I wish it was like that, I would love to have such a formula to apply to my business and share with you. There is a formula though, it is called hard work.

So there’s nothing really secret to share. Mentors share their experiences and that means mistakes they’ve made or bad experiences they’ve had, so their mentees can avoid them and have better results in their careers. By doing so, you make yourself vulnerable in a way, but you also put yourself in the same position and you show your colleagues you are just human and you make mistakes and you correct them. Sharing those with them is not sharing a secret is just sharing your experience and using it for the good of your peers and your industry. So, in my view, is not really about fame or popularity instead it is about making this industry grow and thrive and helping the new generations achieve their full potential.

Guiding your peers through an ethical path

The role of a mentor is also to guide their mentees through their careers. Helping them establish their business and business model, showing them the importance of being ethical and professional in their work. Respect colleagues and clients, be a part of an association and adhere to a Code of Ethics. These are the basic principles of being a good translator. Is not really a secret, it is not a search for fame it is just being ethical, knowing your skills and helping your clients to the best of your abilities.

I am planning to become a mentor, and this is what I want to do, this is how I want to help my mentees.

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