Be known, be seen

Be known, be seen. This is one of the basic principles of marketing. People need to know who you are, what you do, what services you provide and where they can find you. The more information you provide, the more likely clients will come. People like to get everything done and easy for them, they don’t like long searches and complicated platforms. So you need to do your marketing wisely.

Be comprehensive, but concise

You have to choose wisely. Sometimes it may seem too complicated, but in reality, it’s not. You must bear in mind that you want to inform possible clients, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Do a list of all your services and then present them in a light and easy way to digest. Have as much information as possible but stay away from the bulky text. One of the things I’ve learnt over the years is that when it concerns marketing, less is best.

The secret is choosing your words strategically, so you pass all information without overwhelming your clients with bulky and complicated text. Be creative, present it in a light, interesting and engaging way, so your clients don’t feel they are reading a newspaper. Know how your clients are and what they like to read, so it will become easier to know what you will write for them.

Be transparent, be honest

One of the biggest misconceptions I find about marketing is that you need to create a persona and present your content according to that character you’ve created for yourself. Well, I would say that would make lose your clients. I know we are in the world of “influencers”, but when it comes to business, people want to deal with real people, not a social media character.  Also, if you are not truthful about yourself your clients will see that too and obviously they will walk away.

Be transparent, and have all information available, so your clients will feel confident about hiring you. In my view, a price list is a reassurance. Just ask yourself a question: do like to deal with a business that does not provide pricing and you have no idea of your possible costs, or do you prefer one that provides you with a price list, so when you contact them you already have an estimate of your costs? I would say I would like to have an estimate with me.

That also shows your confidence in yourself. It shows you are certain of your quality and the value you provide to your clients. Because in the end, it is all it is, you know your quality and you show your clients how that quality will add value to their business. If you do it with honesty they will see that and come to you!

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