Are you on social media?

Are you on social media? It may look like a very silly question and I’m sure you are all on social media. Everyone does these days. It’s where you may contact family and friends, and you might even find new friends. But is your business on social media? That is the important question you should be asking!

Translators don’t need social media

Some translators may think that their personal accounts should double for their business as well. After all, most of us work as freelancers and we don’t have a company to advertise for. Well, in my view, this is a terrible mistake. We may indeed work as freelancers, but we still need our clients to find us and learn about us and what we do. Our personal accounts won’t do that for us.

We need a brand!

First of all, we must think that regardless of how many people work with us, we are a business, and businesses need a brand. Every business, big or small, needs to establish itself in the market. The best way to do it is by creating a brand, a logo and an image that can be identified by possible clients. That is how big multinationals do it, so why shouldn’t we? We may be very small, but from small things, big things grow, and we need to be seen as much as any other business. A website is a fundamental part of that brand. I have said this many times, but social media is another tool that completes the puzzle. Your website is your “shop-front”,  is where your clients must find all information about you and your services, and your social media pages are the place where you advertise your business and connect your clients to your website and you.

No mixed business!

But don’t mix things. People don’t like it, especially clients. This is why you shouldn’t use your personal social media pages for your business. Your clients want to know about your services, they want to know your expertise in their field. They are certainly not interested in your family photos, cats or goats. The content we create is the difference between success and failure, so we need to be very careful with the content we publish. Make sure you advertise your business the best way possible. Let your clients know who you are and what you do, and publish regularly interesting content.

Choose wisely!

Another mistake we sometimes do is to have a presence on all social media platforms.  Apart from being almost impossible to keep all platforms updated, we will end up with a full-time job out of our full-time job, and no time for either one of them. So, the best way is to choose those you are more comfortable with and the ones you know your possible clients use.  This way, you can create content that suits you and your clients.

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