The best marketing campaign

The best marketing campaign is a satisfied customer. I have heard this all the time when I was growing up, and it is something I truly believe. A happy customer will come back if they need to, and they will also recommend your services to others. So, your service can also be your free and effective marketing campaign.

The power of word of mouth

Word of mouth is a very powerful and effective marketing tool, for several reasons. First of all, it is credible. Clients are more likely to believe in a review or recommendation from another client than any expensive ad campaign you may run. It makes sense, if that other client is happy with the service provided, so will the clients that read their reviews or recommendations, plus, a satisfied client is not a paid actor or a fancy slogan on a video presentation. It is another person who has used the services and was happy about the services provided. This is why, in my view, it is so effective. Because it is real and it is perceived as being real.

An ad will always be an ad

Even though your campaign may be very well structured and honest,  an ad is always an ad and it will always be perceived as something designed to convince you. The ad may just convene the same message as a good client review, it may even be taken from those reviews, but for clients, it will always be an ad, it will always be something staged.

I think both are really good ways of showcasing your business and the services you provide, both have a place in your marketing strategy. What I think is really important is that we know the relevance of both and plan our strategy in a way we can have both methods working together. You can have a nice ad, that is validated by your clients’ reviews for example. Social media is great for that.

Doesn’t need to be expensive!

The idea that a marketing campaign is a very expensive thing and most translators cannot afford it is not necessarily true. Your best plan is your customer service and making sure you provide great professional service because that in itself is great marketing. Those clients will be happy to recommend you to other clients and they will spread the word. It won’t cost a cent, all you need to do is do a great job. The rest will come to you.

Complement that great job with regular posting on your social media pages and even a small video about your business and you will have your ad campaign. Posting a video is free, but if you want to invest, you can pay for that video to be presented to your target audience, and that will be a complement to the powerful word of mouth.

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