An essential service

An essential service is usually what we call a doctor or police. In the last 2 years, we’ve heard about essential services every day and what is and isn’t an essential service. In the current global world, where companies want to expand to new markets and your own country is no longer enough, languages became very important and language services became essential.

As translators, we must be aware of this fact and how important our role is in our clients’ success and make sure we help them get there. For that, we need to know all aspects of that expansion and cater our services accordingly.

Helping on the commercial side of the expansion

The company will need to establish itself in the new market. Making the right contacts and meeting the right people that can help them grow and thrive in that new country. The first point of contact would be a great website.

One of the biggest mistakes companies sometimes do is regarding their websites.  They either simply translate their website into another language or they translate parts of it. I’ve seen this even in aviation. The problem is that cultures are different and sometimes to “translate” your website, you will need to recreate it. You need to make it linguistically and culturally fluent, so it reaches your new audience and it causes exactly the same impact it caused o your initial audience. As professional translators, we know that, and we know that a poor website will damage the company’s reputation and bottom line. It is our duty to show that to our clients and make them aware of the importance of our services reassuring them of the quality of our job.

Helping on the legal side of the expansion

But sometimes companies also need licences, contracts and all sorts of applications. Once again, these are very important to the company’s success in that new country. All the relevant information must be provided accurately to guarantee the application’s success.

Our role is again essential. We must ensure that everything is done to that country’s standards. A professional translator who is native of that country will be the best person to help because they will have the linguistic and logistic aspects in mind. They will know the culture, they will know how applications are usually handled in that country and will be prepared to get the translated documents ready to go.

An essential service

Sometimes our work is underestimated, both by clients and even by ourselves. We need to put our imposter syndrome aside and see how essential our services are. Without a professional translator, most businesses wouldn’t succeed in a foreign market. But not only companies, governments, health services, and courts are essential services. Language services are essential to all of them and they wouldn’t be able to function properly without them.

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