Great relationships

Great relationships are the basis for success. I strongly believe this is true, not only for your business relationships but for all relationships in your life. Communication, or should I say, great communication brings people together. The share of ideas is great to open your mind to different prospectives, that also helps you understand other people’s views and be capable to put yourself in their shoes. This is important in every relationship, not just on a personal level!

Great communication enables great services and trust

Communication is a fundamental part of a translator’s job. Some people may think we just sit at our desks and translate documents and that is a very lonely job. Well, it can be, yes! Because, most times, you are indeed alone at your desk doing your job, but that does not mean you do not communicate or that communication is not important. Quite the opposite to be honest!

Having great communication with your clients means you ask all relevant questions, learn everything about that client and use it to set the right strategy to help them out. It may just be one small document, but if you don’t communicate and gather all information, you may miss a few details of that company that would be crucial in the completion of your task. Another aspect of it is that “special” feeling. If you learn everything about your client and if you dedicate that time to them, they will feel you are committed to their project and to helping them achieve their goals. That will ultimately translate into more projects and a good trusting relationship with that client. It also enables you to provide a great service, because you know everything you need to know to do that project, you have great communication with your client and you provide them that personal touch that makes all the difference.

But there are boundaries!

One of the things we all should keep in mind is that a great relationship with clients does not mean a personal relationship. Of course, you can become friends on a personal level, but if that is the case, you should set boundaries. The same thing should happen if you work with family or friends, the personal link should be kept separated from the professional relationship. You should always keep your impartiality and distance. Yes, you are committed to the client and the project, but your job is not to advise them, your job is translating, so you should keep those boundaries strong because that is also part of that great and healthy professional relationship and also part of that great communication that is the foundation of it all.

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